Twinbee Paradise 3 - 1996.09.28

Inoue Kikuko (׻)
Twinbee Paradise Ao to Hai Iro no Sora de, part 3
Inoue Kikuko was the guest, and she spoke very slowly, especially compared to Kouda Mariko.

There was a letter from a girl who had given presents to a boy that she liked (for his birthday and valentine's day), but she had never gotten anything back.
Mariko: In my 27 years of experience, there isn't that much feedback for White Day. Don't you think so?
Kikuko: Yes, it feels like White Day doesn't exist, in my 20 years of experience..
Mariko: Oi oi.

The drama was Twinbee Paradise Ao to Hai Iro no Sora de, part 3. This episode had Princess Meloura in it. I don't think Madoka was in this episode..

After the drama, they read some letters and talked.

Mariko: Can I say it?
Kikuko: Yes.
Mariko: Congratulations on your wedding. Is there anything that has changed?
Kikuko: I have a dog now. It's so cute.
Mariko: What's its name?
Kikuko: Polon-chan.
Mariko: Why?
Kikuko: When I look at it, his face seems to be going "po-", so it just seems like Polon-chan.

Mariko: What kind of work will you be doing?
Kikuko: Starting in October, there will be a 5 minute morning program called Gojira Oukoku (Godzilla Kingdom). I'll be playing the role of the professor.
Mariko: A professor?
Kikuko: A female professor.

Kikuko: Also I'll be doing Panther in Saber Marionette J.

Mariko announced that she will have her fourth single coming out on 10/23, called Yume ha Hitori Mirumono Janai.

Kikuko: I love Mariko's songs. I have most of Mariko's CDs.

Kikuko (at the ending): Everyone take care of yourself. Don't catch a cold. Believe in your happiness and live happily.

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