VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage - 1997.01.04

Title VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage
Aired 1997.01.04
Drama Princess Maker ??
Hosts Kusachi Fumie (ϾϹ)
Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
Assitant none

Fumie: Happy New Year!


Q: About Ayane-chan High Kick.
girl kick boxer. not a documentary, but they got the idea from her, Mitsui Aya Miyamu is main character Ohtsuka Akio, Yamaguchi Kappei OAV on sale 1/21.

Q: Is Inoue Kikuko going to open a home page?
A: Kikuko's older sister will manage the home page, and it will provide information on her monthly CD, and other things. Voice Animage (1/30 on sale) will have a special about voice actor's home pages.

Fumie said she has a Mac computer.

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