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  • VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage - 1997.01.11

    Daijoubu (Babit)
    Fumie said that time was going by so fast. It's already the middle of January. She also said that she was very good at skiing. She didn't go at all last year, but in the past she used to go every week.


    Q: What is Ikuhara Kunihiko working on now?
    A: He has a monthly feature in Animage magazine. He used to do Sailor Moon, but he quit Toei Animation and became free. Right now he is working on Shoujo Kakumei Utena which is based on a manga by Saito Chiho, running in Chao. An anime will be coming out later this year.

    Q: What is the game Doki Doki On Air about?
    A: This is a game co-produced by Bottom Up and Bunka Housou, commemorating the 45th anniversary of Bunka Housou. The title might still change, but it is a simulation game. The player becomes a director of a radio show. He must choose the personality, the concept of the radio show, the letters to be read, book the guests, and so on. There will be rival directors Shiraishi and Otakki Sasaki (who are real directors at Bunka Housou) and the player must defeat them. The platforms for this game will be Windows95 and Mac. Cost is 9800 yen. There will be a drama too, and the director must decide which drama to play on air. The personalities' voices will be Komori Manami, Tange Sakura, and Ikezawa Haruna.

    Rajimage Journal

    The latest Animage has feature articles on the Sailor Moon finale, Gundam X, top news of 1996, and a 16 page color Nadeisco booklet.

    The yearly Animage Grand Prix ballot will be in the March issue of Animage, which goes on sale 2/10.

    They played Daijoubu by Babit, which is the new ED song for Kodomo no Omocha.

    Gall Force Bunshitsu

    Moe got a carved bear statue from Hokkaidou as a present, and was very happy.

    Moe thought it was one day ahead of what it actually was. Then she found out the real date, and became very happy, thinking that she had gained one day.

    Since it's cold recently, Moe has a hot carpet in her room, and she just sits around with her cat. She noticed that cats get very embarrassed when you stare at it. When the cat sits on top of the TV (because it's warm), and everyone watches TV, the cat thinks that everyone is staring at it. Also Moe noticed that cats get upset when you touch its tail, but Moe likes to touch things that are moving like that.

    Moe: My cat always punches me.

    Moe read some letters.

    Someone asked why they only see Moe wearing a skirt.
    Moe: Haven't you seen me wearing pants? Today, I'm wearing a white skirt. I'm wearing pink overalls in Voice Animage. I wear that a few times a year. Also I wear jeans ones a year, when I have to do the big cleanup at the end of the year. It's easier to move around in jeans than a skirt. Ever since I was little, I liked skirts. I have three sisters. My older sister liked pants, and I like skirts, so I didn't have to wear old clothes when I was little.


    The BGM was Hoshi no Ho-ki ni Matagatte.

    Fumie: Next week, there will be a new vice chief of this show. It's Elza.

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