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  • VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage - 1997.01.25

    Inoue Kikuko (׻)
    Geki Teikoku Kagekidan (Shinguji Sakura & Teikoku Kagekidan)
    Fumie: What kind of foods do you like?
    Kikuko: Sweet things. I like anything sweet. I like it so much that I'm afraid of myself.
    Fumie: But you don't get fat.
    Kikuko: I'm very fat. I eat sweet things at least twice a day.
    Kikuko: But the other day I saw a fortune teller, who said that I shouldn't eat sweet things because my luck would go down. So I stopped, for three days, but I keep it up.
    Kikuko: What do yo like?
    Fumie [thought for a while]: Shabu Shabu.
    Kikuko: That's so cool. Just like a mature woman. Do you like goma sauce or ponzu?
    [goma sauce and ponzu are two types of sauce for Shabu Shabu]
    Fumie: Both, but I think I like ponzu more.
    Kikuko: Oh, I like goma sauce.
    Fumie: Maybe I should go eat with you. I can't eat sweet things.
    Kikuko: Really? You'll give me your sweets?
    Fumie: Yes.
    Kikuko: I'm so happy. Then I'll give you my ponzu when we go eat Shabu Shabu.


    Q: Is there going to be another Slayers movie? What will the story be?
    A: There will be a new Slayers movie this summer, but the details haven't been released. The name might be "Slayers Great".

    Q: What are the partial results of the Voice Animage voice grand prix?
    A: They are still counting votes, and they are not even half way done yet. But the current results are as follows.

    10. Tange Sakura 137
    9. Ogata Megumi 140
    8. Inoue Kikuko 146
    7. Sasaki Nozomu 149
    6. Iwao Junko 166
    5. Miyamura Yuko 182
    4. Sakurai Tomo 287
    3. Kouda Mariko 309
    2. Hayashibara Megumi 384
    1. Shiina Hekiru 588

    Fumie: Where am I!?

    13. Kusachi Fumie 101
    12. Nagasaki Moe 103

    They are still taking votes, until 2/10.

    Rajimage Journal

    The next issue of Voice Animage goes on sale 1/30. Iwao Junko and Ikezawa Haruna are on the cover. There is a "making of" article about Shiina Hekiru's Budoukan concert, some articles on male seiyuu such as Ueda Yuuji and Miki Shinichirou, and there are articles for the VA Tanteikyoku regulars, Kusachi Fumie, Inoue Kikuko, and Nagasaki Moe.

    There will be a LD box set of Gall Force coming out which contains the OAVs, some promo videos, and some seiyuu clips. It is a reserve only box, and one must reserve by 1/31. It will go out on 3/28, and it is 38000 yen.

    They played Geki Teikoku Kagekidan by Shinguji Sakura (Yokoyama Chisa).

    Gall Force Bunshitsu

    Moe has a tendency to look for things just before she goes out. When she can't find something, she sings Yume no Naka he while looking. The other day she was looking for her red Minnie watch, as she was wearing red clothes and she wanted to coordinate it.

    Moe read some letters. Someone sent in a letter saying that the name Moe was among the top name given to babies last year. The number 1 name was Misaki, 2 was Aya, 3 was Asuka, and 4 was Mayu and Moe.

    Moe said that she really likes her stage name, Moe. The origin of this name is given in the latest Voice Animage.

    There will be a play called Gekkou no Fuan at the Theater V Akasaka, and Moe has her first lead role in it. The tickets are on sale now.


    Fumie was saying that things have gotten brighter since Kikuko came. Then Kikuko asked if Fumie liked girls, and Fumie said that she did. Kikuko also admitted that she liked girls.

    Moe said that she would participate in Sakurai Tomo's Valentine Aid events in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

    [VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage]

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