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  • VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage - 1997.02.01

    Moriya Hisoka (ë̩)
    Aki no Omlettes (Yuuseioujo)
    Fumie: VA Tanteikyoku.. ara? ara? Kikko-san?

    Fumie was alone. Kikuko had left a note behind and went off.

    Fumie cried out: I have a cold and I can't do it alone. Please come back!


    Q: Please tell us about Escaflowne and its director Akane Kazuki.
    A: Akane Kazuki did his debut work in Samurai Troopers. He worked for Sunrise and did work on Gundam 0083, Mama ha Shougaku 4 Nensei, and Iron Leaguer. Escaflowne was the first TV series that he directed.
    There are no plans for a second Escaflowne series now.

    Q: Please tell us about Yuuseioujo, who sings in the CD, Actress II.

    To answer this question, Moriya Hisoka, one of the members of Yuuseioujo came.

    Hisoka: Yes. Did you think I was a boy?
    Fumie: Yes. Don't people mistake you for a boy?
    Hisoka: Yes.

    Then Hisoka talked a little bit about Yuuseioujo. Yuuseioujo was a group made up of Asakura Kaoru Engekidan members who were shorter than 155 cm and female. But they only have two members. The group was formed about three years ago. They do plays, short skits, and songs.

    Hisoka also does voice work in the Pretty Sami TV series, as Eimi the class president.

    Last year, the CD Actress was released, with Sakurai Tomo singing all of the songs from the various plays and musicals of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan. Actress II will have songs by all of the group.

    Yuuseioujo will have a CD coming out in June.

    Fumie: Can you be my assistant until Kikko-san comes back?
    Hisoka: Yes

    Rajimage Journal

    The latest Voice Animage went on sale 1/30. Iwao Junko and Ikezawa Haruna is on the cover, and they had their pictures taken at a winter ocean. Kusachi Fumie and Nagasaki Moe have articles, and Inoue Kikuko has some gravure pages.

    There will be an Anime Seiyuu Handbook 1997 going on sale 2/3. It contains lots of information about anime seiyuu. It is B6 sized, and 1000 yen.

    The Gall Force LD Box, containing the three "space" chapters, Rhea Gall Force, Ten Little Gall Force, and some seiyuu clips, goes on sale in March.

    They played Aki no Omlettes by Yuuseioujo, which is on Actress II.

    Gall Force Bunshitsu

    Moe went to a sushi store today and tried to close the door. But it wouldn't move, because it was an automatic door. Some people from her office who were watching her made fun of Moe.

    Someone sent in a letter saying that he found "Sugao no Spy Tachi" in a karaoke machine. He asked if Moe goes to karaoke.

    Moe said that the last time she went was when she was still wearing a short sleeve shirt. She said that she always sings "Iihi Tabidachi". Hisoka and Asobi always sings "Hajimete no Chu".


    Hisoka announced that the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan will do a new performers' play from 2/21 to 2/23 at the Theater V Akasaka, called Gekkou no Fuan. Hisoka, Moe, and others will perform in it.

    Fumie: Will you come again next week?
    Hisoka: Yes.

    [VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage]

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