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  • VA Tanteikyoku Rajimage - 1997.03.01

    Inoue Kikuko (׻)
    Moriya Hisoka (ë̩)
    Kimi Wasureji no Manhattan Jilba (Sakurai Tomo)
    Inoue Kikuko returned.

    Kikuko said she ran into Hisoka on the Marunouchi line (subway).

    Fumie: Please don't leave any more.
    Kikuko: I won't.


    Q: Please tell me about what Koyasu Takehito will do in the near future?
    A: On 3/5 there will be an Angelique image CD single featuring Olivier, Takehito's character. On 3/8 Takehito will be a guest on the Anime Scramble 300th episode anniversary public recording event. On 3/9 he will have a public recording of his Game Dra Night radio show, at the SNK fair in Takeshiba New Pier Hall. Also Takehito will be a member of a new group called Vice, which is made up of popular male seiyuu. Voice Animage 13 will have pictures and articles of this new group.

    Q: Is Sakurai Tomo going to get married to 1000 people on 4/1?
    Fumie: That's not allowed in Japan is it!?
    A: There will be an event where 1000 fans can get their pictures taken with Tomo, who will be in a wedding dress. There will also be a wedding party afterwards. Everyone should wear a tuxedo or formal wear.
    Kikuko: Can everyone take pictures individually with Tomo?
    A: Yes. Also girls can participate too. For more information, call 03-5330-5332 (mon-fri, 11-19).

    Rajimage Journal

    The Gall Force The Revolution roman album went on sale. It contains interviews and pictures of the seiyuu (Kusachi Fumie, Inoue Kikuko, Nagasaki Moe, Mitsuishi Kotono, Sakurai Tomo, Yokoyama Chisa, and Hikami Kyoko). In addition there are interviews of Kakinuma Hideki (the creator of Gall Force), and character designers Tsuchiya Kyoko and Aono Atsushi.

    The "Seiyuu History" series that is running in Animage will become a book. It will feature 12 seiyuu, and will go on sale 3/7.

    Then they played Kimi Wasureji no Manhattan Jilba by Sakurai Tomo, which is on the CD Actress II.

    Gall Force Bunshitsu

    Moe received a cute portable phone case with a bear on it. But she didn't have a portable phone.

    Moe: I see people reaching for their phones when I hear the beep on the train. Can't they tell their own by the sound? I don't need a phone right now. I'm always with someone else from the office, or even when I'm alone, I'm close to the office. If I had one, I'll probably play with it..

    Moe never had a pocket beeper either.

    Moe didn't cry at her junior high graduation. She was sad, but she saw everyone else crying, so she laughed and tried to cheer everyone up. So she stuck out as a strange girl.

    Moe finished her recording for her debut single. People told her not to be nervous, but she became very nervous. After singing the song a few times, she became relaxed. Maybe soon, she will be able to play her song on the radio.


    Fumie said that she was happy that Kikuko came back. Kikuko wanted to swim.

    Kikuko: Fumie, can you swim?
    Fumie: Yes. Can you?
    Kikuko: Yes, I can swim forever.
    Fumie: Really? You can swim?
    Kikuko: Yes, I'm really good at swimming.
    Fumie: I didn't think you were good at sports.
    Kikuko: I'm bad at all sports except swimming.
    Fumie: Can you do freestyle?
    Kikuko: I can do freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke, doggie paddle..
    Fumie, Hisoka: Sugoi!

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