YUMI YUME CLUB - 1995.04.13

Title Yumi Yume Club
Aired 1995.04.13
Drama none
Songs Kono Yoru no Tokimeki (Touma Yumi)
Lucky no Aizu (Touma Yumi)
Hey Hey Hey (Hayashi Nobutoshi)
Hosts Touma Yumi (ͳ)

This is the first broadcast of this new radio show. But there were already many letters.

Q: Do you have a nickname?
Yumi: My seiyuu friends call me Touma or Touma-chan, instead of Yumi. You can just call me Touma.

Q: Is this the first time you were a DJ on a radio program?
Yumi: Yes, it is my first time. So I am very nervous.

Q: What is your goal? (for this program)
Yumi: I just want it to be fun. I want to make this a fun program for everyone.

Q: Are you going to make some corners for this program?
Yumi: Yes, I would like to, but nothing has been decided yet.

Q: Your profile?
Yumi: Since this is the first time, I'll talk about it.
Yumi (in a little boy voice): Hello.
Yumi (in Urd's voice): Hi, how are you?
Yumi: I do work with various voices, I'm a seiyuu. Recently a seiyuu does a lot of things: release picture collections, have live concerts, animation, foreign movies, TV commercials, voices for teaching materials, also even voices for train platforms announcements. I have done just about everything, but not train announcements. Also I have done work where I don't use my voice. When I was just starting out, I went inside kigurumi and danced around, passed out balloons, etc. It was very difficult. It's very scary. You can't see the surroundings very well, and you can't even see your own feet. So I have done a lot of things, and I won't tell you my age. I can be your older sister, or younger sister. If there is anything you want to know, just send me a postcard.

Then she played a song, the theme song to this radio program, "Kono Yoru no Tokimeki", Yumi sings herself.

I'm not sure what we are going to do from now, but anything goes..

For example there might be things that you don't know about seiyuu work. Of course we hold the scripts and act the lines in from of a microphone. For anime, there is a screen to look at, but for radio and CD drama there is no screen. Recently with CD drama, the quality is very good, so even the little noises, like turning the pages of the scripts can get recorded. But that's not supposed to happen. Sometimes, when there is a long line, it can be spread over two pages, so we have to be very careful to turn the page quietly.

There is also going to be a radio drama. The first one will be "Wedding Dress ni Akai Bara". [A Red Rose for the Wedding Dress]. The original story is by Tanaka Yoshiki, and the script will be by Akahori Satoru and Hasegawa Katsumi. Yumi said, "I'm doing the role of the heroine. I guess that's the privilege of having a radio show."

Then she played the OP to the radio drama, "Lucky no Aizu" by Touma Yumi.

Then she read some more letters from listeners.

Q: What is the "official" way of writing the title?
Yumi: YUMI YUME CLUB in large romaji. It can also be called "YY Club".

Q: What are your hobbies?
Yumi: I like driving. I also like to draw illustrations, but I don't have much time recently.

Q: What are your skills?
Yumi: English level 3, International English level C. It might sound great, but it's something that a high school student can even do.

Q: What characters are you doing now?
Yumi: There are a lot. I'm doing Yui in Fushigi Yuugi.

Q: What word do you like?
Yumi: Great effort, hard working.

Then she played another song, "Hey Hey Hey" by Hayashi Nobutoshi.

Starting in the May issue of Animage, there will be a one page column for Yumi Yume Club. Yumi said, "Please send in your illustrations."

The CD single for the theme song and the radio drama OP will go on sale 5/25.

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