Sawai Natsumi events (2002)

Some of the events that Natsumi has appeared in during the year 2002 are as follows.

2002.02.06Idol Style 1 at Take Off 7
2002.02.17[17:00] Idol 109 Special
2002.03.22Remi Presents Talking So It vol 5
2002.04.25The Road of Ocean
2002.05.30[19:00] Road of the Ocean
2002.06.12[19:00] The Road of the Ocean vol 3
2002.06.27[19:30] Ryon Ryon Night! vol 1
2002.07.04[19:00] The Road of the Ocean vol 4
2002.08.08[19:00] The Road of the Ocean vol 5
2002.09.26Remi Presents Talking So it! vol 8

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