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    Shiina Hekiru CDs (solo)

    Hekiru has released the following solo CDs.

    1994.08.21Shiena (SRCL-2939)Song
    1995.02.22Zapping de Shocking [Toreishi Mina] (TYCY-5419)Song/Talk
    1995.04.01Respiration (SRCL-3196)Song
    1995.10.01No Make Girl (SRCL-3338)Song
    1996.12.12With a Will (SRCL-3738)Song
    1997.12.17Rayearth Extra Shidou Hikaru (POCX-1084)Song/Talk
    1998.02.01Baby Blue Eyes (SRCL-4179)Song
    1999.01.21Face to FaceSong
    2001.02.07Precious Garden ()Song
    2002.03.13Sadistic Pink (SRCL-5153 SRCL-5297)Song
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