Tanaka Rie events (2004)

Some of the events that Rie has appeared in during the year 2004 are as follows.

2004.03.13[16:30/18:30] "Cafe de Rie" Tea Party
2004.03.28[11:00] Tokyo International Anime Fair (main stage)
2004.05.02[15:00] Comic World Fancy in Taipei
2004.07.29[18:30] Anikon Theater Natsu no Jin
2004.08.08[15:00/18:00] Cafe de Rie Summer Sepcial Live&Party 2004
2004.09.11[14:00] Gundam Seed Special Edition DVD talk show
2004.09.18[13:00] Emotion Fan Kanshasai in Sapporo
2004.09.23[16:00] Clamp Nokiseki event

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