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  • Tuesday Night Suspense Theater (1998.02.24)

    Program Tuesday Night Suspense Theater
    Tsugaru Hirosaki Satsujin Jiken
    Date 1998.02.24
    Time 21:33 - 23:20
    Seiyuu appearanceNagasaki Moe (Ĺ)

    Nagasaki Moe appeared as a supporting character in the Tuesday Night Suspense Theater TV drama on 1998.02.24. Her role was a nurse called Suzuki Akemi. She appeared in two different scenes, around 2 minutes each, for a total of around 4 minutes, and she had quite a few lines. Her character was pretty important too.

    Moe's first appearance was at around the 37 minute mark. Moe was wearing a nurse outfit, but since the scene was outdoors, she was wearing a long coat over it (and also red boots).

    Moe's second appearance was at around the 1:17 mark. The scene was at a hospital (but not the one she worked at), and Moe was wearing a black sweater with a black and white checkered one piece over it.

    Very cute both times. (^_^;)

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