Tonight 2 (2000.07.26)

Program Tonight 2
Date 2000.07.26
Time 24:19 - 24:40+
Highlights Kira Kira Melody Gakuen

There was a special on idol group (around 15 minutes) on the late night information TV program "Tonight 2".

The first idol group was "Link Link Link", a group of three girls. They were supposedly the first IT idol group. (info on them at They were interviewed in Akihabara (probably on 7/20). They sang (and danced) on the street in front of the train station.

The next idol group was "Lucky Legs", made up of 13 race queens. They showed some clips from the Lucky Legs stage at Akibax 2000.

[I was in Akihbara at Akibax 2000 that day.. (^_^;)]

The main idol group featured was Kira Kira Melody Gakuen. The total time spent on Kira Melo was around 6 minutes, and the Kira Melo portion went as follows..

  • interview of Mr. Aki (one of Kira Melo staff).
  • flashed the pictures of all 56 girls, very quickly.
  • showed some clips from the Daisuki promotion video.
  • they went inside the Kira Melo dressing room.
    • pan of the entire dressing room, many girls making themselves up.
    • Senoo Kumi sitting on the floor.
    • Itou Asuka, Nagai Kasumi, and two other girls were playing.
    • Ohtsuka Mae and Takahira Jun were interviewed.
      Jun said that she didn't know who was who..
    • Misaki Mami was interviewed, with Shindou Yoko and Akami Yukie sitting next to her.
      She said that there were factions within Kira Melo.
    • Inoue Eri and Ono Akiko were interviewed.
    • interview of the staff (Iizuka Rie and Ohsawa Junko).
    • more pans of the dressing room.
  • showed clips of the Kira Melo stage (7/23).
    pictures of the stage (and crowd) from the front, back, side..
  • interview of the staff.
  • more clips from the Daisuki promotion video.

[The only appearance of me was from the back.. (^_^;)]

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