Digi Yatai - 2002.07.14

Program Digi Yatai (デジ屋台)
Date 2002.07.14
Time 25:10 - 25:40
Appearances Miyanishi Noa (宮西乃愛)
Nogawa Sakura (野川さくら)

Digi Yatai is a 30 minute late night information program on TBS. There is one host (a guy) and one assistant (a girl), called a Digimo (digital model). The Digimo changes every week, and the 15th Digimo (7/14 broadcast) was Miyanishi Noa.

Noa was wearing a very frilly, white, one piece outfit. (A very traditional idol style outfit.) She also had her hair up, also in an old fashioned idol style..

Noa introduced herself by saying that she likes to collect the old 10 yen coins. She said she had 1053, at last count. She also brought her pet turtles.

Then Noa took a personality test. It was to check one's selfishness. Noa said that she wasn't selfish at all, and the test showed that she was right.

Noa said that she couldn't sleep with a high pillow, and she liked to sleep without a pillow.

After a couple corners of introducing other TBS TV shows, there was a corner to introduce the show "Anime Paradise". The hosts of that show were Otakky Sasaki and Nogawa Sakura, and they came onto the show to talk about it. Sasaki and Sakura were wearing yukata.

During this talk, Noa mentioned that she was a seiyuu too, and did the voice of Babny (from Baboo Factory). Then Sakura did a voice of Koron (from Akubi-chan). Sakura saw Noa wearing the frilly dress, and said she liked frills too.

Then there was the corner "Digimo no Heya", where they showed the Digimo's bedroom! (^_^; This was about 2 minutes, and it looks like this was done by a DV camera, held by the girl herself. Looks like a "home video".

When asked about her room, Noa said that "simple is best".

In the video, Noa showed the Hello Kitty can where she kept her old 10 yen coins. Then she showed three of her drawers where she kept her black, white, and red clothes. She didn't show the fourth drawer.. At the end, Noa did a magic trick, where she poured water into a newspaper.

This video (plus some extra footage) is available on the Digi Yatai web page (www.tbs.co.jp/digiyatai).

[extra footage in the on-line video]

Noa re-introduces herself, and then sings a short song. Then Noa sits on her bed, and changes into her pajamas! (No, you cannot see her actually changing.. ^_^;)

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