Anicom TV - 2000.11.17

Program AniCom TV
Air Date 2000.11.17
Guests none

The opening talk had Mikako, Atsuko, and Rie at an onsen.

There was an introduction of Cospa Shop. There report was done by Suzuki Mayuka, a swimsuit idol, who is part of the idol group Petite Angel. The top 5 seifuku cosplay were: 5 - Evangelion, 4 - Card Captor Sakura, 3 - True Love Story 3, 2 - To Heart, 1 - Tokimeki Memorial 2. Mayuka dressed up in all of these outfits.

There was some information on new anime releases.

The next corner was Tanaka Rie's "Mayonaka no Sasayaki", where she reads a story to introduce a manga or anime. The story was Boogie Pop ha Warawanai.

Kimura Ikue went to the Fujimi Shobou office to talk about Monster Collection trading card game cards.

The ending had a ping pong match. It was Mikako against Rie and Atsuko. They were all wearing yukata pajamas.

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