Anicom TV - 2000.12.22

Program AniCom TV
Air Date 2000.12.22
Guests Seki Tomokazu (Ұ)
Horie Yui (ٹͳ)

In the opening, Atsuko, Rie, and Mikako drank champagne and ate Christmas cake.

There was an interview with the staff of Bay Blade.

There was a report on one of then staff of SPE Visual. She went to a recording studio and talked with Seki Tomokazu and Horie Yui.

The next corner was Tanaka Rie's "Mayonaka no Sasayaki". Rie read a part of Genmu Mezameru.

There were more clips of Atsuko, Rie, and Mikako with the Christmas cake at the end.

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