Anicom TV - 2000.12.29

Program AniCom TV
Air Date 2000.12.29
Guests none

This was the last broadcast of Anicom TV.

Atsuko, Rie, and Mikako went to a yakiniku store. Atsuko and Rie drank beer as Mikako drank some juice. They all started eating yakiniku. Then the narrator of the show, Nagasako Takashi, also joined them. Later on Ikue also came to eat the meat. She quickly ordered a beer too.

There was a report on Mandarake Special, by Yuri (a 16 year old swimsuit idol) who was only wearing a bikini.

There was a report on Takahashi Mikako's radio show. Tanaka Rie was a guest.

There was some information on new anime releases.

The next corner was Tanaka Rie's "Mayonaka no Sasayaki". Rie read a part of Get Lady.

Then there was a report on Rie's upcoming CD. There were clips of Rie in the recording studio, and there were also some clips from the promotion video.

The ending had more clips from the yakiniku restaurant.

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