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  • Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

    Program Daitoshikan no Hitsujikai
    Air Date 2014.10.01 24:30-
    Channel Tokyo MX
    Seiyuu Majima Junji
    Yonezawa Madoka
    Saitou Yuka
    Sendai Eri
    Tanezaki Atsumi

    One week before the start of the new series Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai (޽ۤӻ), there was a 30 minute special featuring some of the seiyuu.

    The first guest was the series director. He talked a little about the anime.

    Then they showed clips of the two main seiyuu (Yonezawa Madoka and Majima Junji) in the studio doing the after recording.

    For the main interview, the five main seiyuu sat in the studio and talked about the anime and their characters. The seiyuu that participated were Yonezawa Madoka, Majima Junji, Saitou Yuka, Sendai Eri, and Tanezaki Atsumi.

    Majima Junji
    Majima Junji
    Saitou Yuka
    Saitou Yuka
    Sendai Eri
    Sendai Eri
    Tanezaki Atsumi
    Tanezaki Atsumi

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