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  • Yamada-kun to 7nin no Majo to 7tsu no Himitsu

    Program Yamada-kun to 7nin no Majo to 7tsu no Himitsu
    Air Date 2015.04.05
    Seiyuu Hayami Saori (ḫ)
    Ohsaka Ryouta
    Takao Yuki
    Tazawa Masumi

    Before the start of the TV anime Yamada-kun to 7nin no Majo, there was a 30 minute special featuring some of the seiyuu.

    There was a short introduction of the story (anime), and a message (text) by the author.

    Then there were short video messages by Hayami Saori and Ohsaka Ryouta, introducing their own characters.

    There was a "majo kai" talk by Takao Yuki and Tazawa Masumi. Both Yuki and Masumi were wearing witch hats, and this talk took place in a school classroom. This talk was around 10 minutes.

    At the end, they showed a little bit of episode 1.

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