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  • New Game! Otona no Tashinami Taiketsu

    Program New Game! Otona no Tashinami Taiketsu
    Air Date 2016.06.27 (22:30-23:00)
    Seiyuu Hikasa Youko (ۻ)
    Takada Yuuki (ͫ)
    Yamaguchi Megmi
    Toda Megumi
    Takeo Ayumi

    One week before the start of the TV anime New Game, there was a special preview episode. This program was narrated by Takada Yuuki.

    At the beginning, they showed a promo video of the TV anime, which was around 2 minutes.

    Then Hikasa Youko and the four main seiyuu (Takada Yuuki, Yamaguchi Megumi, Toda Megumi, and Takeo Ayumi) appeared. Each seiyuu talked a little about their characters.

    Then they divided the seiyuu into two teams to play games. Youko was the emcee, and the other girls formed two teams. Takada Yuuki and Yamaguchi Megumi paired up to be one team, and Toda Megumi and Takeo Ayumi were the other.

    The first set of games were related to each seiyuu's characters.

    Hikasa Youko

    Takada Yuuki had to fill in the names of 5 Tokyo wards that were blanked out on a map. Initially she was very wrong, but they let her update her answers.

    Yamaguchi Megumi had to eat pieces of bread and guess which one was made from rice flour. She guessed correctly.

    Takada Yuuki
    Takada Yuuki
    Yamaguchi Megumi
    Yamaguchi Megumi

    Toda Megumi had to guess the values of 3 anime figures. She was wrong at first, but they let her fix her answer.

    Takeo Ayumi had to sew a button onto a shirt. It took her a while to get the thread through the needle, but then she sewed the button.. but she also sewed the the front of the shirt to the back!

    Toda Megumi
    Toda Megumi
    Takeo Ayumi
    Takeo Ayumi

    The next games took place at an indoor virtual driving range.

    For the first golf game, the team that hit the ball the farthest won. For the second game, the one that hit the ball closest to the pin won.

    Takada Yuuki and Yamaguchi Megumi won, so they got to eat a chocolate waffle at the end.

    At the end, they gave some information on upcoming CDs. The four seiyuu will sing the opening and ending songs for the TV anime under the group name Four Folium. The CDs will go on sale 7/27.

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