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  • Animemashite - 2017.02.13

    Program Animemashite (˥ޥ)
    Date 2017.02.06
    Hosts Ozawa Ari (߷)
    Tazawa Masumi
    Narration Tanezaki Atsumi
    Guest Serizawa Yuu
    VideoKusuda Aina (İ)

    The hosts for the February 13, 2017 broadcast of Animemashite were Ozawa Ari and Tazawa Masumi.

    The seiyuu guests were Kakazu Yumi and Orikasa Fumiko. They were doing voices in the anime Kamisama Minarai Himitsu no Kokotama, and there will be a Kokotama movie coming out in April.

    This was the second week for Ari and Masumi.
    They were also the hosts the previous week.


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