Animusu! 2015.10.22

program Animusu! (ˤह)
air date 2015.10.22
hosts AOP
seiyuu Hata Sawako (»)
Hayase Marika (轲)
Himesaki Ami
Tanabe Rui (α)
Nemoto Ruka (ή)

Animusu! is a very late night 30 minute TV show featuring the idol group AOP. AOP stands for "anime ouen project", and their goal is to support Japanese animation.

Most of this TV show features the girls of AOP.

At the last five minutes of this show, in the AOP report corner, there was a report on the AOP Live of 10/10. This was the live where the Venus Project members were the guest.

The report was mostly about AOP, but they did show some clips of the Venus Project stage too. There were clips of the song Venus Drive (about one minute), some back stage clips, and some clips of the games (the battle between Venus Project and AOP).

There were also some comments by the Venus Project members, with Ami doing most of the talking. This was recorded after the event ended.

AOP will appear as a guest at the Venus Project Live on 11/27.

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