Anison Plus - 2012.01.02

Program Anison Plus
Air Date 2012.01.02
Emcee Ogura Yui (小倉唯)
Seiyuu guests Sphere (スフィア)
Nanamori Chuu Gorakubu

The January 2, 2012 broadcast of Anison Plus was a one hour special, Live 2012. Once of the emcees of the show was Ogura Yui. In addition to several anisong singers, the seiyuu groups Sphere and Nanamori Chuu Gorakubu were guests.

Nanamori Chuu Gorakubu wore their Yuru Yuri school uniforms, and were in a classroom setting. First there was a short talk session, with them sitting in their chairs. Then they sang and danced the full length version of Yuri Yura Rarara Yuru Yuri Daijiken.

The Sphere seiyuu wore kimonos (very short length, everyone different colors), and matching white long boots. They were in a recording studio. After a short talk, they sang and danced High Powered.

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