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  • Club AT-X 371

    title Club AT-X 371
    date 2017.11.04
    hosts Suzumura Kenichi
    Ichimichi Mao
    guest Iwata Mitsuo (ĸ)
    video Ohno Yuuko (ͮۻ)
    Hata Sawako (»)
    Kubota Risa
    Kakuma Ai
    Tanaka Aimi
    Koga Aoi
    Shimizu Ayaka
    Morishima Arisa

    The guest for Club AT-X 371 was Iwata Mitsuo.

    There was a video interview of some of the Konohana Kitan cast. The seiyuu participating were Ohno Yuuko, Hata Sawako, Kubota Risa, and Kakuma Ai.

    There was a video talk by the four seiyuu for the TV anime Two Car. The seiyuu participating were Koga Aoi, Tanaka Aimi, Shimizu Ayaka, and Morishima Arisa.

    This was their third video appearance, and they played a gesture game.

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