Shibuya Deep A - 2013.02.08

Program Shibuya Deep A
Air Date 2013.02.08
Seiyuu Guests Hirano Aya (ʿ)
Hata Sawako (»)

Shibuya Deep A is a late night real time participation TV show.

On the February 8, 2013 broadcast, two of the female guests were Hirano Aya and Hata Sawako (member of SKE48).

This broadcast was the "Valentine Chokuzen Mune kyun Matsuri", where viewers sent in Valentine related lines for guests to read or scenes to act out. The hosts of the show selected the lines, and picked the guests to read (or act) them out. Then the viewers voted on which guest performances were the most heart throbbing.

For the first set of the lines, the guest just read the lines into a mike.

For the next set, the guests whispered to a mike that was shaped like a human head.

Then there were lines (and situations) where a guy and a girl acted out a high school scene.

At the end, the person who sent in the highest rated line got a notebook which was signed by all of the guests.

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