Diamond Time DX - 2001.04.15

Program Diamond Time DX
Air Date 2001.04.15
Seiyuu Kira Kira Melody Gakuen
Chiba Saeko
Enomoto Atsuko (ܲ)
Toyoguchi Megumi

On the April 15, 2001 broadcast of Diamond Time DX, there was a 9 minute report on the Kira Kira Melody Gakuen final live. The visual quality of this report was very good.

There were some clips of the rehearsals. Nice closeup shots of Hiron, Shinohara Emiko, Hirose Momoko, Shintani Sayaka, Hinano Mayo from the rehearsals. Then there was a short interview of Tsuchiya Mieko, Ono Akiko, and Sakurai Sara, in the dressing room.

Then they showed clips from the first live. There was a little bit from most of the songs. Heart Chu and White Che had pretty long clips.

After that, they had some clips of the dressing room, from right after the first live, and before the second live.

Then they showed clips from the second live. While they were showing "Pride", they put up a mini screen, and showed interviews of various students on the question, "what was Kira Melo to you?" Tsuchiya Mieko, Sakurai Sara, Itou Asuka, Kuwakado Sora, Sagami Natsuki, Shintani Sayaka, Akimoto Noe, Takase Noriko, Nagai Kasumi, Asano Masumi, Endou Satoko, Ohtsuka Mae, Hayashi Akari, Mito Yoko, Hirose Momoko, Suzuki Michiko, Hiron, Akami Yukie, Himeno Kaoru.

Next, they showed some clips of all the girls returning to the dressing room after the final live. Just about everyone was crying. Mieko was crying a lot.

At the end, they showed a clip of "Who's No. 1" and then listed the names of all of the students, even those who didn't appear at the final live.

There was also a 45 second report on Chiba Saeko. Saeko talked, while they showed various clips from one of her concerts.

Then there was a 8 minute report on the AniGe Master radio show. There were interviews of Enomoto Atsuko and Toyoguchi Megumi.

The ending of the show had the video of Daisuki, the same clip that was on the Daisuki CD-Extra.

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