Love Live Sunshine Watashitachi Kagayakitai

Title Love Live Sunshine Watashitachi Kagayakitai
Air Date 2016.06.26 (23:00-23:30)
Channel Tokyo MX
Seiyuu Aqours (евепев)

One week before the start of the TV anime Love Live Sunshine, there was a special preview episode. This program was narrated by Inami Anju.

First there was a short introduction of the Love Live project. They showed clips of the first and second Love Live TV series, the Love Live anime movie, and the Tokyo Dome concert by Muse.

Then they introduced Love Live Sunshine, which started in April 2015. The name of the group Aqours (pronounced aqua) was chosen in June 2015, and they introduced the nine main characters.

The Love Live Sunshine related projects have started already, and the TV anime will start in July 2016.

Next they gave the information on the 2 CDs that have been released, and showed parts of the two animation promo videos.

The first half of the show was around 10 minutes.

The second half of the show featured the seiyuu for Aqours.

Takami ChikaInami Anju
Kurosawa RubyFurihata Ai
Tsushima YoshikoKobayashi Aika
Kurosawa DiaKomiya Arisa
Ohara MariSuzuki Aina
Kunikida HanamaruTakatsuki Kanako
Matsuura KananSuwa Nanaka
Sakurauchi RikoAida Rikako
Watanabe YouSaitou Shuka

They showed the video of the animation promo video and the seiyuu dancing the same dance side by side.

They showed many video clips of the seiyuu at the various Love Live Sunshine events all over Japan.

Then there was a long video digest of the first Aqours event which took place on January 11, 2016.

At the end, they showed a couple minutes of the Love Live Sunshine anime.

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