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  • Milky Holmes Special 2013.07.06

    One week before the new Milky Holmes TV anime was going to be aired, there was a Milky Holmes special aired on July 6, 2013.

    intro game, TV, seiyuu unit concert clips 2 new seiyuu members Milky Sisters new 12 minute anime starts next week Futari ha Milky Holmes recap of previous anime series TV 2 series Summer Special Alternative One, Two introduce new series seiyuu interview Nanjou Yoshino Kokoro Nakagami Ikumi Totsugawa Keiko Okitsu Kazuyuki Myoujingawa Shion clips of audition for new Milky member Kazumi Terakawa Aimi Alice audition from public 4/27 audition finalists winner Itou Ayasa Milky Holmes feathers Milky Holmes sisters = milky homes + feathers interview of 6 Milky Holmes seiyuu showed part of episode 1 just visuals, no voices next week half seiyuu, half anime milky jouhoukyoku TV CM for Suzuko's new CD TV CM for Shirokuma Ice, uses Suzuko's new song features Suzuko eating the ice!

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