Otona he Novel - 2016.05.26

program Otona he Novel (オトナヘノベル)
air date 2016.05.26
seiyuu Mimori Suzuko (三森すずこ)
Iita Yuka (飯田由香)

Otona he Novel is a 30 minute NHK program, aimed at young adults. The May 25, 2016 broadcast was about popular professions, and there was a 7 minute corner on seiyuu. Mimori Suzuko appeared as a guest.

Even though Suzuko appeared in the studio and talked a little bit about working as a seiyuu, most of the seiyuu corner was devoted to a young 21 year old, second year seiyuu, Iita Yuka.

There were several minutes of video for Yuka. There were clips of Yuka at voice training, acting in a stage play, in a studio voicing a foreign movie, and some interviews.

After the videos of Yuka, there was a very short talk by Suzuko. She said that there were many seiyuu, and she loses out in auditions all the time. Suzuko was on the show for a few minutes.

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