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  • Sakurai Ariyoshi The Yakai 2020.09.17

    program Sakurai Ariyoshi The Yakai
    air date 2020.09.17
    channel TBS
    seiyuu Pile
    Kamiki Ryuunosuke

    On the September 17, 2020 broadcast of the TBS live action variety show "Sakurai Ariyoshi The Yakai", one of the guests was seiyuu Pile.

    One of the male guests (actor and seiyuu Kamiki Ryuunosuke) was a big fan of Love Live and Pile. He went to an event at Comic Market to get a CD directly from Pile, and they recreated that scene on this show.

    Ryuunosuke got 10 seconds to talk to Pile.

    Pile brought a lot of Maki goods for Ryuunosuke.

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