Music Jump - 1998.07.05

Air Date/Time 1998.07.05, 18:00 - 19:00
Guest Sakurai Tomo ()
Song Africa no Yume
  • Information by Johann Chua, 1998.07.10

Tomo Sakurai was the first performer on Girl's Side. She sang a new song, Africa no Yume.

Tomo wore her hair up and wore a pink China dress with a fringed hem. In mid-song, she takes this off to reveal a leopard-skin halter top and miniskirt (you can see her bare midriff). We have about nine female dancers in halter tops and miniskirts and one male dancer in leather pants and jacket. Later on in the talk portion, Tomo wears a mauve (or close to it) short sleeved, full length dress.

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