Say You Club - 1995.10.05

Title Say You Club broadcast 1
Date 1995.10.05
Guest Hidaka Noriko (日高のり子)
Video Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子)

This was the first broadcast of the seiyuu TV program, Say You Club. The guest was Hidaka Noriko.

There was also a feature on Hikami Kyoko, as they followed her through a day of her seiyuu work. There were some clips of Kyoko doing the after recording of Wedding Peach. Miyamura Yuko and Nogami Yukana were also there. Then there were some clips of Kyoko recording a song with Suzuki Masami.

The Piipers played a game, answering various questions about anime songs and such. The winner was Kikuchi Shiho.

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