Say You Club - 1996.03.07

Title Say You Club broadcast 23
Date 1996.03.07
Guest Watanabe Kumiko (յ)
Nogami Yukana (椫)

They were in Bali again this week.

The guests were Watanabe Kumiko and Nogami Yukana.

In the first half, they had a Bali quiz. The contestants were: Watanabe Kumiko, Nogami Yukana, Mitsuishi Kotono, and 4 of the Piipers. Yamadera Kouichi asked the questions. There were four questions about certain things in Bali. Kotono answered 3 of them right and Yukana answered 1. So Kotono was the winner.

Watanabe Kumiko was the guest on the seiyuu talk corner. It was just Kumiko and Kouichi talking. Some of Kumiko's comments were:

  • Kumiko loves to go to the southern islands. She has been to Guam 12 or 13 times. She also likes to go to Saipan and Hawaii.
  • The reason why she became a seiyuu:
    When she was 15 years old, Kumiko came to Tokyo for the first time. There was an audition at the Sunshine building, so she just joined thinking that it would be a good memory of her trip to Tokyo. She wasn't actually thinking to be a seiyuu. But she was chosen as one of the 30 finalists. So then she started thinking that she might be able to become a seiyuu.
  • Target for this year:
    Kumiko wants to sing. She wants to sing children's songs in the anime character's voices.
Meanwhile Kotono and Yukana were learning a Bali dance. They even had put on the Bali outfits!

Meanwhile Kouichi and the Piipers were going shopping.

That night, Kotono and Yukana danced in the show.

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