Shibuya de Chu broadcast 1

Air Date/Time 1997.04.04, 26:25-26:55
Guest Sakurai Tomo (桜井智)
Virtual Date Nagasawa Miki (長沢美樹)
Song Waracchaukedo Suki (Sakurai Tomo)
OP Kagayaki no Kisetsu (Tamura Yukari)
ED Yuuki wo Dashite (Katsuragi Ayane - Kikuchi Shiho)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.04.05


Jarism (two comedians) and Ikezawa Haruna were on the stage. They were the hosts of this show.

This was the start of a new TV show featuring "character artists" (usually called seiyuu).

They called the guest, Sakurai Tomo.

[3 crowd shots.. ^_^;]

Guest talk corner

Tomo and the three regulars sat down and talked.

During the talk, they showed some clips of some fans saying a message to/about Tomo (a few to several seconds each).

[one of these fans wasn't a Japanese guy.. ^_^;]

After some more talk, they showed a video clip of Tomo jogging in some park (with a real track). Tomo was wearing a red outfit (shorts and long sleeve windbreaker), and her hair was tied up in a pony tail.

Some of the topics that Tomo talked about were:

  • food: Tomo likes anpan, koshi-an more than tsubu-an.
  • age: Tomo is 18.. no 25 years old.
  • running: Tomo doesn't like running, but she runs to stay in shape.
  • breakfast: even on holidays, Tomo wakes up early to eat breakfast.
  • shopping: Tomo likes to go shopping for clothes.
  • dream: Tomo's dream is to have a small restaurant with her three sisters.

[2 more crowd shots during the talk.]

Virtual Date

The virtual date had Nagasawa Miki talking to the screen (as if the screen was a person), and a message appeared on the screen (color coded, just like the lyrics at karaoke), so the viewer can pretend that he is on a date with Miki. This only lasted a few minutes, and will be continued next week (probably).

The guy (the viewer) was waiting for Miki, and Miki was a little late. But Miki was late because she was picking out her clothes.


Sakurai Tomo sang and danced Waracchaukedo Suki (笑っちゃうけどスキ!). The volume of the crowd seemed to be toned down.. It was much louder in the studio. (^_^;)

[7 crowd shots.. ^_^;]

Information corner

There was information (video clips) about Shoujo Kakumei Utena (TV), Slayers Try (TV), Evangelion Death and Rebirth (movie), El Hazard 2 (OAV), and Shine (a live action movie).


Tomo and the three regulars stood on the stage and said good-bye.

[1 crowd shot.. So some of the fans appeared on the TV 13 or 14 times. ^_^;]

HD's impressions

This show looked much better than I was expecting. There were eyecatches, ED animation (taken from the PS game True Love Story), subtitles, frames, etc. It didn't look like a cheap late night TV show.

The picture quality of the parts recorded in the Shibuya Kouen Doori Kekijou were good. There were many nice closeups of Tomo. Tomo knows how to present herself well in front of the camera.

A lot of the talk that was filmed did get cut out (probably because of time). Of course leaving it all in would have been boring for the non-hard-core seiyuu fans.

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