Shibuya de Chu - 1998.04.10

Tominaga Miina (冨永み〜な)
Hidaka Noriko (日高のり子)
Seki Tomokazu (関智一)
Ohtani Ikue (大谷育江)
Miki Shinichirou (三木眞一郎)
Nakama Yukie
Koorogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ)
Iwata Mitsuo (岩田光央)

This broadcast was a collection of "unaired" video clips of the guests from the previous several weeks. They showed clips of Tominaga Miina, Hidaka Noriko, Seki Tomokazu, Tominaga Miina, Ohtani Ikue, Miki Shinichirou, Nakama Yukie, Koorogi Satomi, Miki Shinichirou, and Iwata Mitsuo.

They also aired some information about the staff for the Dinagiga OAV.

[Shibuya de Chu]

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