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  • Ura Tra Choco

    The anime Trouble Chocolate is broadcast in a 45 minute time slot. The anime itself (with the opening and ending) is around 28 minutes. After the anime, there is a short live action program called Otakara Site. This show has various information about various "otaku" topics. There is also a short interview with the seiyuu of Trouble Chocolate, in a corner called Ura Tra Choco. Each interview is only a couple minutes.

    episode air date seiyuu
    12 2000.01.14 Ohtani Ikue
    13 2000.01.21 Nakahara Shigeru
    14 2000.02.04 ?
    15 2000.02.11 Sasamoto Yuko
    16 2000.02.18 Tsunakake Hiromi
    17 2000.03.03 Fukushima Jun
    18 2000.03.10 Tsuboi Tomohiro
    19 2000.03.17 Kogami Hiromichi

    On the 3/10 broadcast, Horie Yui and ? also appeared in the otakara corner, as they were giving away a signature board of the Trouble Chocolate seiyuu to whose who bought a set of the Trouble Chocolate drama CDs.

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