Verdy ga Sukida - 2001.08.24

Program Verdy ga Sukida
Date 2001.08.24
Highlights Miyanishi Noa (ǵ)

Verdy 1969 is the name of one of the pro soccer teams in J1 (Japan's pro soccer league). "Verdy ga Sukida" is a late night, 20 minute TV show about the Verdy soccer team.

There was a 40 second segment on the 2001.08.24 broadcast about the new image girls for Verdy and Polaroid, called "Verpola Girls" (pronounced ve-ru-po-ra).

There was an audition for the Verpola Girls on 8/9. There were 416 girls who applied (only the finalists probably appeared at the audition on 8/9), and three girls were chosen to be the "first" Verpola girls: Miyanishi Noa (22), Tezuka Chieko (20), and Sakairi Nao (20).
[only one of those ages is correct.. (^_^;]

During the audition, Noa was wearing Mieko's orange Heart Chu one piece!

The Verpola girls appeared at the Verdy home game on 8/18, and there were clips of them working at the stadium. They took photos with the fans, worked at the store selling Verdy goods, and just stood around posing with the Verdy polaroid camera.

The Verpola Girls were wearing a "tight" white race queen-like outfit, with green lettering.

They are even recruiting girls for the next group of Verpola Girls.

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