Voicelugger episode 8

  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.09.18
  • Additional comments by CuSO4, 2000.01.14
Akiko, Takeshi, Tomokazu, and Haruka were playing instruments in some "seiyuu band". (Or at least, pretending to play instruments). This was supposed to be a new way of promoting the group. Takeshi was the lead, I believe, so he had interviews afterwards with some magazines and such.

Tomokazu was attending a poem class, and was looking over a poem collection. Then a pretty lady with glasses sat next to him. Eventually they introduced themselves, and the lady said that she was some big producer or something. Tomokazu was really amazed. However, there was something unusual about the lady...

Meanwhile, Akiko was delivering a package to Ohmura Shuuji of the Voicelugger show. As you may know, Ohmura is played by Shocker Onno (who can never wear a baseball cap turned toward the front).

After the recording, Takeshi was outside the studio surrounded by a bunch of squealing female fans. They all wanted his autograph and such. He looked happy to get so much attention.

Akiko came out of the studio and saw him. She looked like she was a little jealous but she didn't say anything. Takeshi told the girls to wait a moment. The girls instantaneously stopped yelling and waving and just stood around mumbling quietly.* Takeshi went to talk to Akiko, but she quickly brushed him off. After Akiko left, Takeshi told the girls that he was "ready" and they resumed screaming and jumping as if nothing had happened.

Tomokazu and Haruka were eating in a restaurant. Haruka was wishing Tomokazu luck on his new job. But Tomokazu sat there and didn't talk very much. He appeared to be extremely focused on the script, and didn't care for much of Haruka's conversation. He looked pretty stoned to be honest.

Afterwards, Tomokazu said that he had to go meet a client. He left Haruka without saying goodbye. Haruka was wondering what had gotten into him and started following him.

Tomokazu was sitting in some abandoned truck somewhere by himself. Then the pretty lady showed up and started talking quietly to him. The lady had him under mind control and was giving him orders, but Haruka couldn't tell from the distance and it looked like he was fooling around with her.

The lady saw Haruka watching them and called out a greeting. Haruka came out and started talking to Tomokazu. But Tomokazu said that he didn't need Haruka anymore as he had a new girl. Haruka ran off crying.

Then Tomokazu just walked quietly away home. The lady transformed back into her true self--Irashrine.

Akiko was getting chewed out by her manager. In the background was a Magical Girl Pretty Sammy anime poster. Her manager was saying that Haruka wasn't coming into work, and since Akiko was her roommate/friend, she better tell her to come or she'd be fired.

Akiko found Haruka in a club. Haruka appeared to be drinking and fooling around with guys. It looked like she was real depressed. Akiko said that she had to come back to work. But Haruka said that she didn't care anymore. When Akiko pressed the issue, Haruka yelled at her and left the club.

Later, Myuu and Akiko were talking about each other. Myuu mentioned that things weren't working out between "Rose" and "Emerald". Akiko also had a discussion with Takeshi about it.

Haruka was back in some club getting hammered again.

Tomokazu was sitting in a playground with nobody else. Irashrine appeared and began "reprogramming" him psychically. Haruka had a telepathic image of Irashrine attacking Tomokazu. Haruka quickly ran to his location.

When Haruka got there, she saw the pretty lady. Then Voicelugger Emerald appeared and did a jump kick at Haruka. Haruka barely dodged the kick, but the kick landed in the ground resulting in an explosion from the impact. The rocks flying up injured Haruka's leg and she was bleeding. She appeared to be hurt and was stumbling.

The lady knew that Haruka was really Voicelugger Rose. Then she turned into Irashrine and ordered Emerald to destroy Haruka.

Emerald punched Haruka dead in the face, and she got a huge mark. But Haruka didn't fight back and instead told him to snap out of it. But he was still coming after her. Haruka screamed for everyone to save her. Akiko immediately sensed that Haruka was in trouble. Takeshi seemed to know that something was wrong, but he couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Meanwhile, Haruka was still getting trashed. Haruka managed to dodge a few attacks and grabbed Emerald. Then Emerald grabbed her, but didn't move for a bit. Haruka was telling him to wake up. Then she said that she loved him.

Emerald's mask disappeared and for a moment Tomokazu was there. Then he screamed in pain as he was losing control of his mind. He fainted, dropping his head while he was still standing. Haruka asked if he was okay. But he didn't say anything.

Suddenly the mask reappeared on his face, and he grabbed Haruka with both hands around her neck. He was squeezing hard, and he was lifting her off the ground. Meanwhile, a guy with white hair and sunglasses (at night) was watching them.

Akiko appeared and screamed out for Haruka. But Haruka had been choked the entire time. Blood came out of Haruka's mouth and then her arms went slack.


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