Voicelugger episode 10

Sakebi to Sasayaki
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.12.30
Irashrine was talking to Genbar. He was asking her what she was doing. But she went to Voicelugger Emerald's body and took his voice crystal. Then it seemed that Irashrine was rebelling against Genbar, as she wanted all the power of the Voiceluggers for herself.

After this, I really don't know what really happened. There was plenty of sitting around and talking. Most of it seemed to not make much sense without a good grasp of Japanese. Of course, since Voicelugger "borrows" shamelessly from Evangelion's ending, it probably wouldn't make much sense anyway. Here's a brief rundown:

Takeshi and Chaos wandered around in the Phantom Zone. Takeshi got to see the future as it would if Genbar got all the voice crystals. In other words, it was pretty bad.

They ended up finding three fairies which appeared to have small crystals, so maybe they were guardians of the voice crystals. They told them what they had to do.

Then Chaos found Voicelugger Gold. Chaos didn't seem to like Gold, perhaps because he was unable to protect the other Voiceluggers. It seems that Chaos came from another world which was destroyed by Genbar's goons as well. So it seems that Chaos wants to take over Gold's job. Chaos spent most of the episode beating the hell out of Gold.

Android Pai's head blew off again, probably from the psychic overload from the previous episode. As a result, Pai didn't have any lines this time.

Myuu only had a few appearances. As usual, its appearance was almost entirely unnecessary. The stuffed animal character appears to be in the show for no other reason but to sell toys.

Akiko and Myuu talked to Haruka, but she didn't listen to them. Apparently Haruka was still in shock over her attack with Voicelugger Emerald. She wasn't planning to return to the team any time soon. As a result, Haruka spent most of the episode shopping. (I swear that I'm not making this up).

Haruka did go to a church at the end, perhaps in prayer she could find an answer to her problems.

Akiko was trying to figure out what to do.

Meanwhile, it seems that Irashrine attacked the studio where everybody worked. Irashrine destroyed the place and severely injured the producer. Akiko went hysterical over this, and she had to be restrained by the police that were investigating the scene.

While in the park, Akiko was attacked by more of the underlings sent by Irashrine. She kept fighting them but more and more of them appeared. Finally, they all vanished suddenly. I'm assuming that Irashrine was only sending illusions to her.

At the end of the episode, Takeshi used his voice crystal and was talking to the fairies. Then a portal appeared in the Phantom Zone and he was sucked into it. He discovered that he was in the middle of a Tokyo street. But it seemed that nobody noticed that he was there and just walked right by him. Maybe it's one of those alternate dimension things.


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