Voicelugger episode 12

Ame nochi Egao, Egao nochi Hare
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.01.01
Genbar, who looked like a really bad garage kit, was in the process of taking the voice crystal. But Voicelugger Ruby stopped before he could send it to his world. Takeshi heard Ruby's voice and ran after her.

Haruka went to the top of a building and saw Genbar looming over Tokyo.

The voice crystal--floating in the middle of the sky--suddenly let out a bright burst of light. Haruka smiled and walked into the glow.

It appeared that she was somehow absorbed into the dimension where the voice crystal was. She began to hallucinate again, and dreamed that Tomokazu was there. Then she apologized to him and hugged him.

Ruby was trying to stop all of this from happening. But then a bunch of henchmen appeared and started to beat her up. They were armed with flexible swords. At first glance, I would dare say that they were made out of rubber.

Things weren't looking too good for Ruby. But at the last minute, Sapphire appeared and saved her. Then the two of them began to fight off the goons together.

Chaos appeared wherever Haruka was. He started to talk to her. He took off his sunglasses, and then his eyes lit up. Haruka realized that Tomokazu wasn't really there, but his body was somewhere else. Maybe there was a chance of saving him.

Then Haruka's voice crystal came out of her and flew around with the emerald one.

Genbar was there and tried to grab the crystals with his hand. Perhaps he was trying to absorb them into his body. But then the crystals began to glow extremely brightly. There was a huge explosion, and Genbar's ship was blown to pieces.

Meanwhile, Sapphire and Ruby were still fighting the hordes of henchmen. They appeared to be losing. As a last ditch effort, they combined their powers and shot their "sonic boom" attack, destroying all the bad guys at once. Takeshi fell to the ground as he had used up almost all of his energy for the final attack.

Then Akiko was feeling bad. Perhaps that she was lamenting that she couldn't do anything for her other friends. But Takeshi comforted her.

A bright light appeared near the two of them. It was Chaos. Then there was a lot of yapping which I didn't understand. Eventually Takeshi said goodbye to Chaos and Akiko and him walked off.

Back home, there was a technician that was working on repairing Android Pai. Myuu was there wondering where everybody was.

Ruby and Sapphire were in some desert area. Perhaps they had managed to get to Genbar's dimension. A gateway appeared and Genbar appeared before them.

Genbar's eyes lit up and Gemma appeared. Gemma was armed with a big sword and he was very powerful. The two Voiceluggers were getting the crap beaten out of them.

Gemma went to Sapphire and grabbed his face (the crystal). He pulled on it, and eventually he yanked out the crystal. This caused Takeshi to immediately lose his transformation and he passed out. Gemma sent the crystal to join the other two where Haruka was. Haruka knew that something bad had happened to Takeshi.

Ruby was then fighting Gemma on her own. She wasn't having much luck. Gemma grabbed her face and tried to remove her crystal. But then she used her super attack at close range to stop him--even though that meant she would take damage too.

Genbar was angry and just sent a lightning bolt and fried Akiko. She passed out and they got her crystal. Now all four crystals were assembled together.

Genbar started to create some monster--assumedly the ultimate being--using the power of all the voice crystals. But then Voicelugger Gold finally appeared and said that he would stop him. Genbar sent another lightning bolt, but Gold dodged it.

Gold started to fight the ultimate being, but he wasn't having much luck as it wouldn't even flinch at his attacks. The being grabbed Gold and started to shock him.

Gold had to use the ultimate attack. It was a huge column of energy that surrounded him. It ended up destroying both himself and the monster.

Then all the voice crystals went back to their respective owner. Tomokazu opened his eyes after his crystal went back into him. So he didn't really die after all. Although I'm wondering how his body got rebuilt after it was blown into little pieces.

Genbar merely laughed off the attack, perhaps saying that Gold had wasted his life. Akiko said that she wouldn't forgive him.

Meanwhile, Haruka and Tomokazu were standing together for real this time. Tomokazu apologized to Haruka for attacking her.

Akiko and Takeshi tried to fight Genbar with their weakened powers, but they were getting blasted. Genbar sent a fireball to burn them alive, but the attack got blocked. It appeared that Ruby and Emerald protected them.

The four Voiceluggers got together and retransformed, filling up some dead air time. Then all four of them shot their sonic attack at Genbar, and he exploded in a big fireball. As he was burning up, Genbar was giving out the usual prolonged death speech that all bad guys give when they bite it. You know, something like, "I can't believe it... It's impossible!" or "I'll get you meddling kids!" Then he disappeared and the world was saved.

Meanwhile Myuu was with Android Pai. She was still silent although she had been repaired. Suddenly, Pai's circuitry started working. Then Pai said, "Welcome home, everyone." Myuu looked outside and there was all four Voiceluggers coming toward them.

Then all of them got very happy and started to jump around. You know, sort of like when a contestant becomes a Double Showcase winner on "The Price is Right".



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