Tantei Opera Milky Holmes vol.1

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes vol 1

on sale 2011.01.19
2940 yen

This DVD/bluray set contains episode 1 of the TV series Tantei Opera Milky Holmes (探偵オペラミルキィホームズ).

In addition to the anime, there is a disc containing the following Milky Holmes seiyuu song clips.

  • Ame Agari no Mirai [雨上がりのミライ] (promo video)
  • Milky Tea Time (live version)
  • Kikoenakutemo Arigatou (live version)
The live versions are video clips from one of the Milky Holmes events. The live versions have the vocals from the girls' headset mikes, so you can hardly hear the crowd.

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