Hisakawa Aya Live at Akasaka Blitz

Aya Hisakawa live at Akasaka Blitz in 29 March 1998

VAP VPLQ-76144
6800 yen
72 minutes, 2 sides CLV color stereo.
released 1998.07.23

Unlike Aya Mail 3, this disk only contains concert footage. There are no clips of before the concert.

It comes with a 12 page booklet, with various pictures of the concert. A double sided insert contains the lyrics.

Side 1

  1. Introduction + Ginmokusei (銀木犀)
  2. Wuh-Eees! (ういーっすっっ)
  3. Take it Easy
  4. Message (メッセージ)
  5. Kokoromade Dakishimeraretara (心まで抱きしめられたら)
  6. Bath Time (バスタイム)
  7. Bokuno Sukina Hito (僕の好きなひと)
  8. Tegamiwo Kakou (手紙を書こう)
  9. Mizuno Labyrinth (水のラバリンス)
Side 2
  1. Voice in the Paradise
  2. Okonomiyaki Go Go (お好み焼き Go Go)
  3. Wait For Me!
  4. Tokiwo Tomuide
  5. wish (credits + random concert shots)

After some still images showing Aya and the band, it goes straight into the concert.

For "Bath time" she and two others come on stage wearing white bath robes. Part way through the song she stops to drink from a carton. At the end, a large towel is held up, behind which she takes off the robes...

Her performance starts off slowly, but on the second disk the speed picks up. She's not as cute as she used to be. Might be something to do with her hair now.

[information provided by Steven Wong]

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