Aya Mail 2

Aya Mail 2

LD: ????
VHS: ????
???? yen
released 1995.??.??

approximately 10 minutes

This is a short music video with two songs: Aoi Sora wo Dakishimetai and Tila-so-Tilalifo.

In Aoi Sora wo Dakishimetai, Aya is outdoors and wearing a brownish, flower design dress (very similar to the dresses that Kikuko always wears). She just sings and dances.

In Tila-so-Tilalifo, Aya is in the recording studio singing with the band members. At the very beginning, Aya is playing with Piisuke. There are some other scenes during the song too.

A limited LD called Aya Mail 1x2 came out on 1996.02.21 (and also sold at the 1995 Christmas concert) which contains this video.

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