D.C. DVD Comic Market 64

D.C. -Da Capo- DVD

on sale at Comic Market 64
released 2003.08.15

MPEG2 color, 9 minutes

This is a special promotion video that went on sale at Comic Market 64.

The contents of the DVD are as follows.

  • Non-credit Opening animation of Da Capo
  • Non-credit Ending animation of Da Capo
  • Promo video of "Shinpai Kakete Gomenne" (心配かけてゴメンね)
The promo video of "Shinpai Kakete Gomenne" features Nogawa Sakura (野川さくら).

In the video, Sakura wears two outfits. One is a white top and long white dress. The other is a dark top and long pink skirt. The setting of the video is inside an old country side school, and the country side outdoors.

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