DoCo Music Video


Pony Canyon PCLE-00020
color, 45 minutes, 3500 yen
released 1995.08.19

This video contains the following music videos.

  1. 「僕たちはこれから」(よみがえる記憶・上巻OP)
  2. 「清く正しいクリスマス」(よみがえる記憶・上巻ED)
  3. 「授業中の小学校」(よみがえる記憶・下巻OP)
  4. 「赤い靴のSUNDAY」(よみがえる記憶・下巻ED)
  5. 「終わらない夏休み」(超無差別決戦/OP)
  6. 「うそつき」(超無差別決戦/ED)
  7. 「かがやく空ときみの声」(らんま1/2SUPER第1弾・OP)
  8. 「少しだけ坂道」(らんま1/2SUPER第1弾・ED)
  9. 「思い出がいっぱい」(らんま1/2SUPER第2弾・OP)
  10. 「恋がひとつ消えてしまったの」(らんま1/2SUPER第2弾・ED)
  11. 「フクザツな両想い」(らんま1/2SUPER第3弾・OP)
  12. 「彼」(らんま1/2SUPER第3弾・ED)
  13. 「恋だ!パニック!」
  14. 「乱馬とあかねのバラード」
  1. Bokutachiha Korekara (DoCo First)
  2. Kiyoku Tadashii Christmas (DoCo Second)
  3. Jugyouchuu no Shougakkou (DoCo Second)
  4. Akai Kutsuno Sunday (DoCo First)
  5. Owaranai Natsuyasumi (DoCo Second)
  6. Usotsuki (DoCo First)
  7. Kagayaku Sora to Kimi no Koe (DoCo Second)
  8. Sukoshidake Sakamichi (DoCo First)
  9. Omoidega Ippai (DoCo First)
  10. Koi ga Hitotsu Kieteshimattano (DoCo First)
  11. Fukuzatsu na Ryouomoi (DoCo Second)
  12. Kare (DoCo First)
  13. Koi da! Panic! (Yawmin, 1st OAV seris OP)
  14. Ranma to Akane no Ballad

[information provided by Yuchou Hu]

After the music videos, a recording session for Ranma 1/2SUPER OAV provides a glimpse of the seiyuus at work. Ranma (Yamaguchi Kappei) talks about another successful session and invites the audience to join in the question and answer session. He then fires off a question at Ranma-chan (Hayashibara Megumi) who answers and in turn asks Akane (Hidaka Noriko) a question about aroma-therapy. The role of questioner and questionee runs through the following list:

  • 1. Ranma (Yamaguchi Kappei)
  • 2. Ranma-chan (Hayashibara Megumi)
  • 3. Akane (Hidaka Noriko): talks about aroma-therapy and its use in skin care and promoting restful sleep. Even though married, I can't cook, just like Akane. Takayama Minami has taught me many dishes. Please tell us a very tasty and very simple dish.
  • 4. Nabiki (Takayama Minami): gives a receipe for a quick and tasty dish, even suitable to eat with cheese and bread.
  • 5. Kasumi (Inoue Kikuko): separates seaweed from rice in a onigiri because then one can enjoy one riceball twice by eating them separately.
  • 6. Souun (Ohbayashi Ryunosuke): talks about the weirdest role he plays in ... something about being his sister's son?
  • 7. Genma (Ogata Ken'ichi)
  • 8. Ryouga (Yamadera Kouichi): favorite food is breaded-pork on rice.
  • 9. Ukyou (Tsuru Hiromi): Rei-chan took me to her place in a car once but she had trouble finding her own place. (Picks up the phone and calls Rei) Can you drive properly?
  • 10. Sampoo (Sakuma Rei): Drive? Of course I can. I just have a hard time knowing which direction I'm facing. Today, I took the train, got off at the wrong station and was late. One of my earrings fell off. If anyone finds it please return it to me.
  • 11. Mousse (Seki Toshihiko): sings a song while dancing a song at Rei-chan's request. Forget about your husband for a moment, Asou-san, if a handsome young man propses to you, what would be the maximum age difference for YES?
  • 12. Cologne (Asou Miyoko): 30 years.
  • 13. Tatewaki (Suzuoki Hirotaka): talks about his trip to New York and the muscials on Broadway. Shimazu-san, why do you like me?
  • 14. Kodachi (Shimazu Saeko): this is tough. You are flawless.
  • 15. Sasuke (Chiba Shigeru)
  • 16. Ranma

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