Drops Live Tour 2004


released 2004.12.22
3980 yen
98 min
single side/2 layer
mpeg2, region 2

This is a DVD of the live tour in August 2004 (Nanba Hatch [Osaka], Diamond Hall [Nagoya], Shibuya O-East [Tokyo]) by the seiyuu group Drops.

The contents are as follows.

  1. Drops in Osaka, backstage shots
  2. ふられ気分で Rock'n'Roll (DROPS)
  3. あなたが .. すき (DROPS)
  4. talk from the live
  5. にちようび Short Ver. (野中藍)
  6. Always with You (DROPS)
  7. 渋滞の Love Affair (DROPS) + backstage shots
  8. 眠り姫 (金田朋子)
  9. きらりひまわり Short Ver. (國府田マリ子)
  10. 恋せよオトメ Short Ver. (神田朱未&野中藍)
  11. backstage shots, talk from the live
  12. ときめきココナッツ Short Ver. (白石涼子)
  13. いつだって Love & Dream Short Ver. (神田朱未)
  14. talk from the live
  15. Romantic が止まらない (バックドロップ)
  16. 愛がなきゃ! (DROPS)
  17. Drops in Nagoya, backstage shots
  18. After the rain (DROPS)
  19. ☆まか▽メチャ 不思議パラダイス (DROPS)
  20. バカップル (DROPS)
  21. backstage shots, message from the seiyuu
  22. encore comments + 恋のアメリカン・フットボール (DROPS)
  23. ending credits
This DVD comes with a small booklet containing color photos from the concerts, and all the lyrics to the songs.

Kouda Mariko injured her leg during the rehearsals, so she was on crutches and/or in a wheel chair for some of the backstage shots.

The members of Drops are Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子), Nonaka Ai (野中藍), Kanda Akemi (神田朱未), Shiraishi Ryouko (白石涼子), Kaneda Tomoko.

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