Game Tengoku The Game Paradise

Game Tengoku The Game Paradise
omake of Game Tengoku Sega Saturn game
1997.summer (?)
around 57 minutes

This video came as an "omake" to the Playstation game Game Tengoku.

The first 15 minutes was a short anime featuring the game characters.

After that, the rest featured the four main seiyuu, Takahashi Miki (高橋美紀), Koorogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ), Kanai Mika (かないみか), and Nishihara Kumiko (西原久美子).

There were clips of the four seiyuu in a game center playing games.

Then they got on a bus, and they rolled a die and talked about various things.

There was also a some music videos featuring the seiyuu. The first one was Lovely Star by Takahashi Miki and Koorogi Satomi. Then there was a message by Miki and Satomi.

After some more of the talk on the bus, the next music video was Kara Genki Janaiyo (カラ元気じゃないよ) by Nishihara Kumiko and Kanai Mika. Then there was a message by Kumiko and Mika.

Then the four seiyuu went to a restaurant, and they drank, ate, and talked.

Then there was a music video of Tenshi no Hane de (天使の羽根で) by Kanai Mika.

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