Hequil I

Hequil I
Shiina Hekiru First Video

Sony Music Entertainment SRLM 454 (LD) SRVM 454 (video)
3500 yen
released 1995.05.01

23 minutes

The contents are as follows.

  1. Prologue
  2. Short Image 1
  3. Visual Poets [Flower]
  4. Clip (Setsunai Egao)
  5. Short Image 2
  6. Visual Poets [Angel]
  7. Short Image 3
  8. Clip (Kuusou Mitoro)
  9. Photo Session
  10. Visual Poets [Moon Stone]
  11. Short Image 4
  12. Clip (Shoujo Bakudan)
  13. Visual Poets [Bird]
  14. Epilogue
[comments by Yuchou Hu]

This is about as strange a seiyuu video as I've seen. The narrator speaks perfect English from the point of view of a reporter.

The Visual Poets sections consist of various images with Hekiru saying something (too low and fast for me ^_^;;). The Short Image sections are about Hekiru, with the reporter sayinng things like:

We finally found her. She is a superstar, a really famous girl. Everything she does is perfect, elegant, and refined.... She seems so far above us....but we finally found her, Japan's most famous woman....

Hekiru sings 3 songs in this LD, tracks 4, 8, and 12. There are lots of BW sequences, track 12 is almost all BW. My favorite is track 4, Setsunai Egao. All the songs are bouncy, soft-rock like.

Needless to say, there are lots of video clips of her. Many are very cute...she could be an idol singer if she improves her voice at the high end.

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