Per Doll no Video Gum


Pioneer LDC promotion video
color, 30 minutes
not for sale, given away at Animate stores
released August 1995

This video is a promotion video for the Rakushou! Hyper Doll OAV series. The two main voice actresses, Nogami Yukana and Iizuka Mayumi, appear in the video as VJ's (video jockeys).

The contents of this video are as follows:

  • Yukana and Mayumi's talk about Hyper Doll.
  • 10 minutes from Hyper Doll act 1.
  • an advertisement for El Hazard
  • video clip of A. B. Chisa
    (Yokoyama Chisa's new album)
  • video clip of Destiny
    (Matsumoto Rica's new album)
  • an advertisement for Pretty Sami

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