Oneechan no Daikanshasai


released 2003.12.26
7800 yen
disc1: 75 minutes, one side, one layer
MPEG2/NTSC COLOR, region 2
disc2: 101 minutes, one side, two layer
MPEG2/NTSC COLOR, region 2

This is a two DVD set containing most (maybe all) of the Daikanshasai event that took place on September 23, 2003.

The contents of the discs are as follows.

Disc 1

  • オープニング (opening)
  • お姉ちゃんの15年のあゆみ (Oneechan no 15 nen no ayumi)
  • お姉ちゃんのトリビアの泉 (Oneechan no trivia no izumi)
  • 思い出のキャラクターソングメドレーその1 (Omoide no Character Song Medley 1)
Disc 2
  • 永遠のティアラ (Eien no Tiara)
  • 思い出のキャラクターソングメドレーその2 (Omoide no Character Song Medley 2)
  • 福引賞品発表 (Fukubiki shouhin happyou)
  • グランドフィナーレ (Grand Finale)
  • アンコール (Encore)
The Eien no Tiara is the skit by Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子), Nagai Noa (永井乃愛) which lasted about one hour. There are various songs by Kikuko and Noa during this skit. It also includes the "17才" (17 Sai) video by Kikuko, wearing a sailor fuku.

I have only watched the parts with Noa in it, but it seems that they didn't cut out much (if any) from the event.

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