Kirara Power of Love

Kirara Power of Love
not for sale
released 1998.07.26
around 7 minutes

This is a special "NOT FOR SALE" video that was given away at the Kirara events in July and August 1998. It contains video clips from the first Kirara event in May, of the seiyuu singing the song Power of Love.

The detailed contents are:

  • Ohsawa Chiaki introduces the song (around 30 seconds)
  • some clips of the seiyuu in the dressing room (30 seconds)
  • Mitsuishi Kotono, Toyoshima Machiko, Ohsawa Chiaki, Kobayashi Yumiko, Itou Kentarou, and Elika singing Power of Love (around 5 minutes)
  • Ohsawa Chiaki saying good bye (around 10 seconds)

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